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SF-12: 1.2mm Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display

FX-18:1.8 LED DisplaysDelta’s 1.2mm LED display with SMD technology provides a seamless, high-resolution, high-contrast display solution for interior areas with short viewing distances. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees easy, quick installation. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, contrast ratio of over 5,000:1, a light output of over 800nits and higher color processing, the 1.2mm LED delivers excellent image and video quality at an optimal viewing distance of >1.2m.

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Minimal Power Consumption

Power consumption has been a major concern for many LED applications, especially those requiring 24/7 operation. Delta LED displays are designed with optimized power supplies to limit power consumption to a minimum. This not only helps you save money but also confirms Delta’s long-term commitment to environmental protection and core focus on green energy-efficient solutions.

Rugged and Lightweight Design

Delta’s rugged LED tiles with option of die-cast aluminum or mild steel, guarantees reliability under multiple operating conditions. Their modular and lightweight design allows ease of installation and servicing.

Uniform Colors and Luminance

Delta’s uniformity calibration technology guarantees uniform colors and brightness across the display. With this advanced technology, you can mix different batches of tiles and expect the best picture with accuracy and consistency.

Advanced Video Processing

With Delta’s extensive experience in image and video processing, the LED displays provide you with the ultimate image quality assurance, color uniformity and cost of ownership. LED Displays having a response time of 10ms or better assure perfect visualization.

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