Industrial Grade Controller System


Industrial Grade Controller System – ICON PRO SERIES

Icon Pro-Video wall ControllerThe Delta Icon Pro controller is a multi-screen graphics Video wall controller running on the Windows® Platform. The Icon Pro Series controller drives multiple Video-wall cubes to form one large logical screen called a video wall or a data wall. It is designed for capturing, displaying and managing the varied sources on the Video wall. ICON pro controller is a configurable system and can drive multiple Video walls having up to 100 units or more. It’s flexible enough to display local applications, network-streamed desktops, and direct-connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and at any size on the Large system display, all within your 24/7 control room. ICON pro offers the information you need to see, in the way you wish to see it and where you wish to see.

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Delta offers an advanced wall management software (Icon Pro studio) to give a perfect solution for every control room and video wall visualization. Icon pro Studio uses a Distributed architecture to manage the wall and control the display content from a wide range of input sources. With ICON Pro studio, windows on the video wall can be opened, placed, moved and re-sized. Layouts can be saved and recalled. The ICON Pro studio interface dynamically adjusts to display whatever type of source is connected to the controller and the software’s interface complies with the familiar Windows design standards making it intuitive and easy to learn. Some key features of the software are as listed below.

Wall configuration & setup

ICON pro studio has an easy-to-use graphics user interface where any operation can be set up by simple mouse clicks. The configuration and set-up functions have immediate effects so no reboot is needed.

Display management

Display multiple source windows anywhere and at any size. Also one can arrange the input to show just one image or place multiple source windows across the entire display.

Layout management & scheduling

ICON pro Studio provides the ability to create, save and to quickly recall saved layouts directly from the user interface or from user-assignable hot-keys. Auto launching & scheduling of saved layouts is possible as per user specified events and time.

Input management

System provides general input handling and comprehensive wall management over the full display wall. The ICON pro controller handles the wall resources running locally on the wall controller or remotely from any operator workstation in the network. All input sources can be displayed any where on the video wall in any size. Each source can be displayed once or repeated multiple times.

Authentication system

Administrator system assigns user password and privileges to remote operators. The administration gives different rights for each user regarding the control of the wall resources. ICON pro studio offers 4 levels of Authentication (User accounts, Permissions for functionality & Roles etc).

Work space allocation

Icon pro studio provides a functionally to the administrator to define and allocate work space for a particular operator or a group of operator to work on a Videowall.


Ticker message can be positioned anywhere on the display wall. Inside the ticker window, font size and colour, and background colour can be set.

Remote management

ICON Pro – remote manager provides an ability to access and display the screen contents of any Windows workstation in the LAN as well as control it with the local keyboard and mouse without a need for special hardware.

Multiple User management

Multiple users can use ICON pro studio on their local workstation to work on the display wall at the same time.

API interface

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows third party system to talk and control the ICON pro controller from their interfaces.

Interactivity interface

ICON Pro studio is a user-friendly graphical interface allowing operators to supervise and manage devices, sources, applications, windows and other objects from their local workstation

Cube control

Icon pro – cube control monitors the health of the overall display system. Through a graphical interface, system components can be monitored, alarms and notifications can be triggered according to overall system requirements

ICON pro controller  
Chassis 19” industrial Rack mount
Lockable front door to protect drives
Operating System Platform Window 7; 64 bit/Win Server 2008
Processor options Xeon/ i3/ i5/ i7
RAM Std. 4 GB DDR3, higher on request
HDD Support up to minimum 6 HDD
Std.: 500 GB , can be upgraded on request
Networking Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller inbuilt
Supports Add on copper/ optical fiber adapters
RAID RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 support
Cooling Forced cooling
Indicators LED’s for HDD activity and Power status
Input / Outport support 8 USB/ LAN/ VGA/6 SERIAL SATA/IDE port
Switches Power On/Off and System Reset
Monitoring options CPU, FAN, Temperature, chassis Intrusion detection and alarms
Accessories DVD +RW ,Keyboard and mouse
Outputs 2 or higher
Output Resolution support DVI: 1920x1200 RGB: 2048x1536
Universal Inputs Formats DVI /RGB/Component
Streaming Input Hardware & Software Decoding of streaming media input
Resolution Support for IP streams HD, D1, VGA, CIF & QCIF
Format MJPEG, MPEG-2 , MPEG-4, H.264, Custom formats
Audio High Definition Audio CODEC
Supported Input Type SD video / HD video / DVI/HDMI/ RGBHV / VGA / Component video /
HD-SDI / Streaming video / Network / RSS feed / Ticker
Redundancy support Power Supply, HDD, Cooling Fan, LAN port & Controller
Scalability Display multiple source windows in any size,
any¬where on the wall
Control functions Brightness / contrast / saturation / Hue / Filtering/ Crop / rotate
Power Supply (1 + 1) Redundant AC-DC high-efficiency power supply w/ PFC
AC Voltage 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz
Temperature Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C (32° to 95°F)
Non-operating Temperature: -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Humidity Humidity: 10 – 90% non-condensing
Note:Since the controllers is custom related to your requirement the final product meant for you may or may not have all the
features used above
Wall Management Software- ICON PRO Studio
Display & Scaling Display multiple sources anywhere on the display up to any size
Input Management All input sources can be displayed on the video wall in freely
resizable and movable windows
Scenarios management Save and Load desktop layouts from Local or remote machines
Layout Management Support all Layout from Video, RGB, DVI, Internet Explorer,
Desktop and Remote Desktop Application
Set any layout as Default layout to launch at
Application Switch ON
SNTP support Yes
Authorization Four levels ( Admin, Supervisor, User, Guest,)
Control Remote Control over LAN
Window Title Add window title as per user convenience
Region Management Allocate regions to specified users
Layout Launch Auto launch of Layouts according to user specified time /event
Logs Yes ( CSV file format)
Ticker Control Yes
Hot Keys Yes
Alarm management Yes
Multi View Option Multiple view of portions or regions of Desktop,
Multiple Application Can view from single desktop
Remote management simultaneously Control over user workstations
Multiple concurrent client Yes
KVM support Yes
Console View Primary Display, Secondary Display, Full Desktop,
Selected application or region
CUBE Management Software ( ICON Pro- Cube Control)
Cube Health Monitoring Yes
Pop-Up Alert Service Yes
Logs Yes
Email Notification Yes
Graphical User Interface User Friendly
Control Control l the entire wall or a selected cubes from anywhere
(local or Remote location) over LAN