Embedded Vision Control System


Embedded Vision Control System – MiNiCON®

A revolutionary display video wall control system

MiNiCON® - Video wall controllerThe MiNiCON® Video wall Controller is a real-time, lossless and embedded display wall controller for arrays of projectors, video wall cubes, flat panel displays or large system displays. Employing cutting-edge embedded computing technology and a switch fabric architecture, the MiNiCON® offers up to 150 Gbps of bandwidth, which is capable of supporting multiple high resolution RGB/Video signals and monitors with 24 bits per pixel at a solid 60 frames per second. The MiNiCON® is an embedded computing system rather than a conventional Video wall controller, offering higher performance, robustness, security and lower power consumption compared to traditional IPC-based display wall processors. The processor guarantees high quality and real-time display of all inputs under all conditions without dropped frames.

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MiNiCON® Manager

MiNiCON® Manager Software, a client/server based system, allows operators to manage large amounts of sources on video wall displays. The server is directly integrated into the MiNiCON® and the client can be installed on PCs running Windows XP/Vista/7. The client and server communicate using the MiNiCON® protocol over a TCP/IP connection. The MiNiCON® Manager is a highly intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily control and manage display walls with the way you want. All video sources can be displayed in real time in any size and at any position on the display wall with different static and auto layouts saved and recalled as required. Regardless of video wall size and number of windows, these layouts can be loaded in less than 1 second. The MiNiCON® also supports a real-time preview of up to 10 video sources and allows multiple users to control the same display wall simultaneously. In addition to dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders, titling and scheduled layouts and backgrounds, the MiNiCON® also supports iPad control over Wi-Fi networks.

Key Features:

Flexible Configuration & Control

Using switch fabric architecture, the MiNiCON® offers 15 slots, each of which can support any type of input or output video card. The MiNiCON® allows complete remote control via Ethernet or RS-232. Users can easily control the MiNiCON® from their tablets.

Multi-user Management

The MiNiCON® allows 16 different users to manage and control the same video wall simultaneously. Video wall management is further simplified and secured by user permission levels.

Easy Peripheral Control

Peripherals such as matrix switchers and optical engines can be easily controlled through the MiNiCON® with no need for complex peripheral settings.

Diverse Inputs Management

The MiNiCON® supports a variety of input types in any combination, including dual channel RGB/DVI inputs, quad channel composite video inputs, dual channel 3G-SDI inputs, dual channel HD video inputs and IP link modules.

High Speed Video Input Detection

The MiNiCON® can automatically detect and recognize any video input within 3 seconds and display them on the video wall display within 1 second.

Multiple Signal Connection Modes

The MiNiCON® offers 4 signal connection modes to fit different application needs and requirements: direct to cards, matrix to cards, matrix to display wall and direct to display wall.

Window Titles and Borders

The MiNiCON® supports custom window borders and tiling, allowing for more effective management of the video wall.

Seamless Switching between Sources

The MiNiCON® provides seamless, glitch-free switching between one source and the other, which is ideal when multiple sources are routed through a matrix.

HDCP Support

The MiNiCON® is fully HDCP compliant. HDCP encrypted content can be played on HDCP compliant display devices but is restricted from being played on non-compliant devices.

Video Source Duplication

The MiNiCON® allows users to duplicate any video source to create 4 identical windows, all of which can be freely sized and placed on the video wall.

Up to 64 Scalable Windows per Display Unit

With the MiNiCON®, each display unit can display up to 64 video sources as fully scalable windows in any size and at any position.

Custom Video Source Playlist

The MiNiCON® can automatically play a list of video sources at your set interval in any designated window.

Layout Management

The MiNiCON® allows users to save up to 1000 layouts and 29 embedded layouts. Multiple layouts can be arranged and combined to create an auto layout, which plays automatically at your set interval and in your preferred order. Embedded layouts operate independently from the MiNiCON® Manager software and are automatically loaded after a reboot.

API Interface

MiNiCON® protocol and APIs are open and available to third-party developers for custom applications and complete control.

Scrolling Subtitles

Users can customize the content and display effect of the subtitles and display up to 4 scrolling subtitles simultaneously.

Downloadable Backgrounds

A maximum of 4 background images are supported for each display unit. Images can be displayed across the entire display wall or on a single display unit.

Edge Overlap Support

The MiNiCON® allows users to easily adjust the overlap width and position between edge blending projectors to create a seamless image.

Bezel Compensation

The MiNiCON® supports bezel compensation for each display unit, enabling users to easily correct geometric distortion resulting from video wall tiling.

High Quality De-interlacing and Scaling

With motion adaptive de-interlacing and high quality image scaling, screen tearing is eliminated and perfect picture quality is ensured.

1920x1200@60Hz for Input/Output

The MiNiCON® supports both analog and digital input/output resolution up to 1920x1200 at 60 frames per second.

High Reliability

The fully embedded MiNiCON® system with redundant, hot swappable power supplies provides high reliability and stability for any 24/7 application.

Effective Video Source Management

The MiNiCON® supports grouping of video sources for effective management.


Gridlines can be added to the display wall for more effective and accurate layout.

Window Scaling

Users can lock the window aspect ratio while scaling and easily restore the original window size.

Standby Mode

The MiNiCON® features a standby mode which makes power saving easy and efficient.

Multi Language Support

The MiNiCON® is available in the following language versions: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Software Versions

The MiNiCON® offers three software editions – Basic, Professional and Ultimate – to satisfy different customer requirements.

Real Time Preview and Playback

The user-friendly GUI enables easy control and management of all display windows and allows users to preview all input sources before displaying them on the video wall. MiNiCON® supports a preview of up to 10 video sources and playback of all opened windows, all at 15 fps.

Product Name Product Name Minicon
Dimensions (H*W*D) 7” x 19" x 18.5" (17.7x48.3x47.0 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (15.9 Kg)
Front Panel Display OLED panel with 256x64 pixels
Front Panel LED Power 1x LED, Green
Fan 1x LED, Green/Red
Network 1x LED, Green
Status 1x LED, Green/Red
System Architecture Non-blocking Switch Fabric with 150 Gbps bandwidth
Slot 15 slots (10 Gbps per slot, non-blocking bandwidth)
Front Panel LED RS-232 4
Ethernet 2x 1000M RJ-45 ports
Touch Panel Support IP control protocols, RS-232
External Frame Sync 1x BNC-F
Dual RGB/DVI Input Card (Optional)
Inputs Up to 28 inputs
Number/type 2x analog RGB/ DVI per card
Format Analog RGB with any sync type (composite, separate, sync on green)
Digital DVI, HDCP Support
Clock Rate Up to 165MHz
Resolution 800x600 to 1920x1200
Color 16/32 bits per pixel
Connector 2 x DVI-I
Quad SD Video Input Card (Optional)
Inputs Upto 56 inputs
Number/type 4x CVBS/S-Video per card
Format PAL, NTSC
De-interlacing Motion adaptive de-interlacing, 3-2 pull down
Connector 4x composite BNC-F or S-Video
Dual DVI-I Output Card (Optional)
Outputs Max 30 analog RGB/digital DVI outputs
Number/type 2* analog RGB/digital DVI per card
Clock Rate Up to 165MHz
Resolution 800x600 to 1920x1200
Frame rate 60Hz
Color 16/32 bits per pixel
Connector 2x DVI-I connectors
Dual HD Video Input Card (Optional)
Inputs Upto 28 inputs
Number/type 2* YPbPr/HDMI per card
Format 576i@50Hz, 480i@60Hz
576p@50Hz, 480p@60Hz
1280x720P/60 and 59.94 Hz
1920x1080i/50 and 50.94 Hz
1920x1080PsF/24 Hz
1920x1080P/23.98, 24, 25, 50, 59.94, 60 Hz
HDCP HDCP support
De-interlacing Motion adaptive de-interlacing, 3-2 pull down
Scaling Adaptive multi-tap filter for high quality image scaling
Connector 2*DVI-I connectors
Dual 3G-SDI Video Input Card (Optional)
Inputs Upto 28 inputs
Number/type 2* 3G-SDI per card
Interface Standard SMPTE 292M & 424M
Format 576i@50Hz, 480i@60Hz
576p@50Hz, 480p@60Hz
1280x720P/60 and 59.94 Hz
1920x1080i/50 and 50.94 Hz
1920x1080PsF/24 Hz
1920x1080P/23.98, 24, 25, 50, 59.94, 60 Hz
De-interlacing Motion adaptive de-interlacing, 3-2 pull down
Scaling Adaptive multi-tap filter for high quality image scaling
Cable Equalization 120m@3G Hz, 200m@1.485GHz
Connector 2*BNC-F
Operating Range
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Non-operating, Temperature -10 - 66°C
Humidity 10-90%, non-condensing
Altitude 1,11,000 feet (3048 m)
Electrical Requirements
Power Dual redundant power suppliers
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, auto-ranging power supply
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Max 460 Watts
*All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.