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City Surveillance- a Need-of-the-hour

Video surveillance deployments, especially with large number of cameras installed require 24/7 continuous monitoring where security personnel needs to watch for any small or big unusual movement or activity. In such sensitive applications, the Video Wall aids the viewer with the best picture clarity and with excellent projection up time. With the help of Delta display walls, security officers would keep a round-the-clock vigil on all the movements on traffic violation, airport security and other sensitive areas and activities. Large cities and metros where a large number of surveillance cameras have been installed, a sophisticated technique and state-of-the-art video walls are needed to monitor all these cameras from a central control room

Video wall for Surveillance - a tool to act!

Most of the operating centers are equipped with video surveillance these days, therefore a future proof display system is required for rationale decision making. Delta Video wall solutions powered by DLP technology help operators to monitor, analyze and act on any suspicious activity. The Delta DLP Projection engine has pioneered the Dual Lamp technology ensuring redundancy for your operations. The two lamps ensure that in case of failure of one lamp, the second lamp ensures that you have not lost any information.

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