Traffic Control Room

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Traffic Control Room Solutions

Need of traffic monitoring to reduce travel time

Transportation has witnessed a sea-change in road, rail, air and sea transportation. Managing safety in today’s air-space and controlling the increasing road, highway and port traffic has become a complex responsibility. Situational awareness, analysis and rationale decision is imperative to maintain the traffic flow in a secured way. This can be achieved by intelligent traffic monitoring system that will continuously monitor the traffic situation.

Video walls for a safer mobility system

Delta Video wall solution delivers a reliable, flexible and revolutionary solution that caters to the traffic management needs. Delta's 24x7 display solutions’ innovative endeavors enable the crucial control rooms to analyze the situation correctly and guaranty safety to the commuters. Delta’s Video walls are capable of integrating with today’s intelligent traffic management systems which can display route information, live video feeds, traffic congestions and critical updates avoiding hindrances to traffic management system.

Traffic Management Rooms

  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Shipping