Utilities Control Room

  • Weather forecasting Video-wall Control room

Utilities Control Room Solutions

Increasing demand for 24*7 Monitoring

As the demand for utilities like power, water, gas etc. is increasing, there is also a need for efficient methods to monitor procedures and systems, round-the-clock. These industries have a complex flow of resources and needs a sophisticated and quick responsive video wall control room to maintain the flow of information. The operators must be delivered with real time information with clearly-displayed data, 24*7.

Reliable Control room solutions for efficient operations

Delta's display solutions is playing a vital role in setting up utility control rooms with its video walls that enable the teams working in these fields, to work efficiently with prompt and rationale response. Delta’s reliable and highly flexible Video wall solutions help operators to view detailed information. Any kind of display up-gradation of existing control rooms is undemanding as Delta's video walls can be installed with existing infrastructure with minimal changes.

Utilities control rooms

  • Generation, Transmission, Distribution
  • Water Distribution
  • Gas Transmission