Delta DLP Video Wall


DLP® Technology

Delta rear projection DLP® video wall is powered by Texas Instrumemnts' Digital Light Processing (DLP®) technology. Generating extraordinary image quality with incredible color depth and contrast, DLP® technology brings video images to life and enables detailed data to be read with ease – extremely important factors in a control room environment.

2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirror

At the heart of a DLP® video wall is the DMD chip which contains an array of up to 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors. Each mirror can switch on and off up to several thousand times a second enabling it to reflect up to 1,024 shades of grey and create up to 35 trillion colors.

hinge-mounted microscopic mirror

Figure1: The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip. Showing mirror in tipped position.

A DLP® subsystem consists of a light source, optics, color filters, digital processing and formatting, a DMD, and a projection lens.

DLP subsystem consists of a light source

Figure 2: Field sequential color method which enables a single DMD device to show a color image.

Boasting high Contrast ratios, ( upto1,500,000:1) DLP® technology delivers crisp, sharp whites and deep dark blacks producing 3D-like images that almost pop out of the screen.

Renowned for long term reliability

DLP® technology is also renowned for its robustness and long term reliability. Today, lifetime estimates for a DLP® chip exceed 100,000 operating hours and more than 1 trillion mirror cycles. DLP® technology is robust mechanically, electrically and environmentally.

DLP® Video wall is an ideal choice of many control room operators for their reliability, performance and long life in mission-critical applications like traffic control rooms, Power control rooms, Utility control centres, and disaster management centres.