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Delta Creates Microsoft Multimedia LED Video Wall : Visualizing quality and value

Massive LED Display: A Centre of Attraction at Yotta
Delta’s video wall solution, created for Microsoft Taiwan, was developed by setting up multiple LED modules into a total screen area of 7.296m x 1.368 m. The wall can be displayed in full-screen mode or segmented into three 16:9 screens, each with full HD resolution. Taiwan’s Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) is located in the heart of Taipei’s Xinyi District, and is also at the forefront of global information technology. Government officials, CEOs, CIOs, and other business people from various parties often visit the MTC, hoping to learn about IoT, AI, and big data.

Application Information
Application Type Indoor LED Display
Location Taiwan
SOLUTION INSTALLED 7.296 (w) x 1.368(h) m Indoor LED Displays
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